MEIA LUA Watches




Callisto, a nymph and the daughter of the King Lycaon. Betraitor lover of Zeus. Expelled and transformed into a bear by Hera and later set among the stars as “Ursa Major”. Discovered by Galileo, Callisto is also the third largest moon of the solar system, carrying the oldest and most heavily cratered surface that mankind has yet known and one of the most suitable candidates for human life exploitation. 


Would there be a better motive for our next release inspiration? 


A truly inspiring new dial design can be found within, finished with customised (and) moonshapped indexes (superluminova) and an exclusive colour curation, while complemented by some stunning “sword” type hands.


Incorporated in an elegant and slimmer reworked see-through case, which contains tasty and fine details, complemented with an elegant and yet modern stainless steel jubilee bracelet, our latest timepiece results from a sound manufacturing care only found at high-end brands.


Powered at the heart by a mechanical triple date premium movement by Miyota. Protected by a double and domed sapphire crystal with AR coating from the inside and 10 ATM water resistance.

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