Who are you guys?

The MEIA LUA brand was founded in Portugal, Lisbon, deriving from my passion for timepieces, namely automatic timepieces.

Why did you decide to create a Watch brand?

My passion for watches started really early. I do recall the first time I've had the chance to admire an automatic timepiece - my grandfather's SEIKO. I still remember how I was impressed for that continuous and regular seconds hand swiping and the fact that no battery was needed.


The aim for creating something different and unique, departing from some of the key inspirational elements of this industry, not neglecting its modern standards.. Something I could (and would) wear and be proud of. Beautifully designed and carefully crafted. Somehow stylish and yet understated. And of course reasonably priced, and subsequently to that, more easily affordable.

What does MEIA LUA mean?

"Meia Lua" stands for "half moon" in Portuguese language. 

What is your key inspiration?

As per our brand statement, we are "Pilotage" influenced and "Moonlight" inspired. Our design results from the combination of several different elements, from various ages and constellations.


We are obviously also inspired by our city's landscape. Having the sea as a background, the light of "Lisboa" is commonly known and positively perceived by visitors and professionals dedicated to visual art industry, At night, when the sun goes and moon rises, the athmosphere becomes even more special.

Why "INCEPTION" as your debut model name?

Because its where it all starts. From where we departure. And it may actually be the beginning of something special. We really think it is.

How did you get here?

We've designed every single piece of this instrument, from its logo to its hands. There is nothing copied or reused from any available supplier stocks.


We also did not want to enter the "homages" game. We have negotiated and sourced all components, which come from all over the world. All was specifically crafted for us to support "INCEPTION" production. 


Everything is where it is because we wanted to.


If you had to choose one, and just one, which feature from "INCEPTION", your debut timepiece, would you highlight?

I have to say our dial. We actually call it "The Dial". I'm really proud of it. It is one of the most beautiful dials I've ever seen.


And, although not in scope of your question, I would need to add its versatility.

How do you see the "MEIA LUA" brand evolving in the next years?

We do not aspire to disrupt the watch industry as some more recent brands claim to actually do.

We are humble to recognise that the competition is high and that there are certain players that are, as of today, unbeatable as they elaborate within a significant different level. We also know that Portugal does not have a tradition, wrist watches wise. 


However we also do believe we can make some difference. We are developing in order to be able to continuously bring to life exclusive, valuable and lasting timepieces, which people will like, buy and obviously wear, in a consistent manner.


At the end of the day we aim to inspire in the same way we do feel inspired.

Do you offer International shipping?

We do and we pay for it. We are currently offering free regular shipping for all orders received.


We will ship your goods maximum 48h after order was placed. Please allow 3 days for delivery within Europe.  Deliveries outside Europe will take approx. 5 days to reach out to destination.

How do you manage VAT?

We are an EU based company. Therefore, and considering our current sales volume, we only apply VAT to orders incoming from EU.


What about customs?

For customers outside EU - please note you may be responsible for duties, fees and taxes payment as applicable in your region to be charged by local customs office or other similar authorities in case you purchase from us and once sent package will be arriving to your location.


For customers within EU - we don't expect any customs or duties to be arising.

Any upcoming initiatives you would like to share?

Well, we are currently working on a special and commemorative timepiece to celebrate our first year of existence, limited to 100 pieces in total. 


Subscribe our news feed "here" so that we can keep you posted on that one as well as getting involved and being the first to know of any future activities to be undertaken on our end.

*all answers have been provided by MEIA LUA founder "GSL".