The Portuguese Mechanical Watch

The MEIA LUA brand was born in Lisbon, where Tagus meets Atlantic and the sea meets the city with the aim of delivering exclusive automatic timepieces with upscalefeatures, beautifully designed, carefully crafted and yet reasonably priced. All who visit this magical city, usually mention how special the light is in Lisboa.

At night, while the sun goes and moon rises, the atmosphere becomes that much more special. The brand tends to capture the emotions brought in such moments, where the moon lights up the sky and reveals the secrets of the city’s contemporary nightlife regarding the city moonlight, its contemporary lifestyle and nightlife.

Meia lua stands for “half-moon” in Portuguese language, and the moon does play an important role for the brand’s inspiration and motive. MEIA LUA Watches aims to place Portugal, a country of strong watch culture and tradition, in the international scene of the watch industry and so far have sold some of their distinct pieces to more than 30 countries all over the world.

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Meia Lua is dedicated to the highest quality of exclusive, limited edition watches, at a reasonable price delivered to everyone that wants to make a difference with style and originality.


We aim to inspire you in the same way we do feel inspired.



Our watches, carefully manufactured entirely with high-end materials, provide durability and reliability within the reach of a few, in line with the highest industry standards.


We propose to offer a unique and distinct design, with limited edition timepiesces, which guarantee the authenticity of the brand.


History takes time to build. With consistency and congruence, without unnecessary haste, we want Meia Lua Watches to be increasingly and international reference in the watch industry.

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